Noble Jealousy, Aphrozelusy.

The noble jealousy of one’s Art

Martin Wong

Dear Friends near and fan,

In attending and loving the world of Art, I have always perceived strange obstacles between the observer and the artistic work. As if the observer was not allowed to go all the way and was only allowed to get to know the work in a formal way.

I realized after years, that these shields to protect art were raised by the artists themselves.

An instinctive need for protection towards the generating idea. A noble form of jealousy, capable of preserving the creative process inherent in every artist.

Noble jealousy is generated by a protective bond similar to that which manifests itself between Mother-Father, Son.

Today I understand and it is clear to me that the artist lives his artistic inspiration every day, every night, between waking and dream. His mind continually elaborates and creates without ever abandoning his generative progress.

This impulse, capable of generating art, is hidden, protected, and guarded by a noble form of Jealousy. Jealousy is capable not of destroying through isolation but of creating. Creating Art. A kind of double-bodied being like centaurs and fauns in the world of Greek mythology. A new mythological figure The Aphrozelusy, (aphrodite-zelus). The fusion of art and jealousy.

This strange mythological being present everywhere, guards and protects creativity, the generating idea, the gestation of the work.

Guardian and protector of individual creativity alongside each artist and faithful to his art.

This constant presence makes the artist immune from personal narcissism. But at the same time, it keeps him away from promoting himself and creating the famous opinion movement that turns into criticism.

So the gallery owner, the artistic agent, and the artist himself must find agreements with Aphrozelusy on a daily basis. He must meditate, bargain, fight so that art can show itself not only in its essence but also in its presence.

If I analyze the art shown in social media, as a promoter of their works, I can only notice the constant presence of our mythological being.

Analyzing a vital aspect in the creative process of an artist’s work: the choice of the canvas, we understand the great importance that the artist places in of size, shape, and surface of the canvas.

Mainly the artist has two approaches in choosing the canvas.

In the first, the artist has a creative idea that is elaborated in his mind. In this creative process, the artist clearly understands the size, shape, and surface of the canvas. It is an integral part of the idea.

In the second case, the artist already supplied with a canvas matures the idea according to that canvas. The idea is generated by that precise canvas. From that shape, from that dimension, from that surface. Artist as a come unaccomplished elaborates artistic idea That idea belongs only and exclusively to that canvas.

Nothing happens by chance, nothing is the result of chance.

This creative process fascinates me and makes it clear to me when the choice of canvas is complex, and when it is organic at work.

The choice of the canvas is a fundamental process in the genesis of the artistic work. A real birth.

And in this case, our myth Aphrozelusy does nothing but try to hide this aspect. Trying not to enhance the work, making it shy, veiled, not valued.

Few clues written rarely in the captions (size 20x20, 36x12, 12x12, 20x16, 16x16).

The way art is shown in social media is never the protagonist, explosive, narcissistic, shown in its beauty.

The work was not promoted according to its potential, according to the real value that the artist gives to the work through his creativity. According to the real value that the artist deserves.

Aphrozelusy is the function that creates a big gap between Absolute Artistic Value and Perceived Artistic Value. VAA / VAP should tend to 1. But it is not.

Below I have inserted two paintings by Mark Rothko and Martin Wong respectively.

Artistic works need to be contextualized in order to live. Enhanced by means of outline elements that accompany him in their promotion path.

The immense digital network, in which works of art are shown and shared, does not a big catalog, but a world of already real and no longer virtual life.

Aphrozelusy has, in this digital world, made the artist the worst promoter of his own art.

There will always be grueling negotiations with our friend Aphorozelusy. We are ready.

Coffee & bagels for everyone, and even in Aphrozelusy, We will be needed.



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